Our psychologists and counsellors offer comprehensive counselling services to people of all ages, helping them to address challenges in their everyday life.

We offer a range of specialities to assist individuals, couples, and families in dealing with personal and relationship issues. In a peaceful and safe environment, our therapists listen with compassion and share with clients the skills and strategies necessary to overcome obstacles and to meet their needs and goals.

Feature Articles


Breaking the Age Code by Dr. Becca Levy: 2022 HarperCollins Publishers A book report…

Close your eyes and visualize an “older” person. Who do you see? What are the adjectives you would use to describe this senior member of our society? Your answer may determine your longevity!  Author Dr. Becca Levy, a professor of Epidemiology and a professor of Psychology at Yale University has released “pathfinding studies [that]have changed…


Parenting Gen Z

The current teen and young adult population are Generation Z. They have grown up in the era of smart phones, social media, inclusive classrooms, and they are keenly aware of issues such as climate change and how their world is different than that of their parents. I will focus on the older teens and university…


Managing Meltdowns: How Co-Regulation leads to Self-Regulation

Most caregivers can agree that dealing with their child’s meltdowns can be exhausting, draining, and challenging. Often, these meltdowns happen when we are trying to get everyone out the door and on time for school, when we are making dinner, filling out another hot lunch form, or at bedtime. We try to listen to our…


Married After Children – Surviving The Empty Nest

Married for 32 years, and now empty nesters, Mike and Anna found themselves struggling to connect with each other in their marriage. Until recently, when the last of their children had left the house, Mike and Anna’s lives were filled with the typical busyness of parents having active children. Weekdays and most weekends were filled…


Medication-Free Management of Insomnia

It’s three a.m. and you need to be up by six a.m. to get to work on time. You’ve tried puzzles, music and warm milk, but nothing is working. The thought of facing the workday with aching muscles, a foggy mind and bags under your eyes is making you more alert and unable to sleep.…


Healing Through Poetry

September 10th 2019 is a day Rick will never forget. He was sitting at an intersection on his motorcycle when a car hit him from behind, sending him flying. The accident left him with a range of serious injuries, in addition to what Rick refers to as ‘the three’: PTSD, anxiety and depression. Writing poetry…

Welcome to our two new team members

Anita helps those with insomnia by working with them through a 5-session, intensive treatment program called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)
Sarah is our new intern who works children, teens and adults (fee of $50)