Our psychologists and counsellors offer comprehensive counselling services to people of all ages, helping them to address challenges in their everyday life.

We offer a range of specialities to assist individuals, couples, and families in dealing with personal and relationship issues. In a peaceful and safe environment, our therapists listen with compassion and share with clients the skills and strategies necessary to overcome obstacles and to meet their needs and goals.

Feature Articles


The High Cost of Disconnection

An attractive 16 year old girl was describing how hard it was for her to go to school each day. She complained that while she had two friends at school, neither was in any of her classes. I suggested that this gave her an opportunity to reach out and make some casual connections with her…

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Burnout Isn’t Just a Workplace Problem

Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Are you feeling indifferent about things you once cared about? Are you avoiding social connections? Are you turning to unhealthy coping strategies? Do you fantasize about getting sick just enough that you can stay home from work for a couple of weeks…


Is Therapy Working for You?

I recently checked in with a friend to inquire about her counselling experience after she sought a referral. I wanted to ensure she was receiving the support she needed. Her response was along the lines of, “It’s going well… I think? This is my first experience in therapy, so I don’t have anything to compare…


The Surprising Impact of Journalling

Who knew? A study done at the University of University of California, Los Angeles using Functional Magnetic Brain Imaging (fMRI) to research “affect labelling” (putting feelings into words) had some surprising results. It was found that the process of writing one’s feelings on paper was enough to deescalate amygdala activity, (the brain’s ‘alarm center’), which…


Level Up Your Mental Health With Gaming

If you’re reading this, there’s no doubt that you or someone you care about spends some (or a lot) of their time gaming. You may have also wondered: when might this exciting and engaging habit be helpful, harmful, or something in-between? More than ever, gaming is part of our life context, especially for youth –…


Managing Meltdowns: How Co-Regulation Leads to Self-Regulation

Most caregivers can agree that dealing with their child’s meltdowns can be exhausting, draining, and challenging. Often, these meltdowns happen when we are trying to get everyone out the door and on time for school, when we are making dinner, filling out another hot lunch form, or at bedtime. We try to listen to our…

Welcome to our two new team members

Anita helps those with insomnia by working with them through a 5-session, intensive treatment program called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)
Sandons focus areas include; anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, chronic pain, performance improvement, self-esteem and improvement to quality of life. Sandon works with teenagers (13+) and adults as well as couples through an emotional and behavioural focused lens.